Tropicana Announces New Breakfast Cereal Made For Orange Juice

by Rudy Sanchez on 04/27/2022 | 1 Minute Read

Pouring a big bowl of breakfast cereal only to find out there’s no milk left can be frustrating

Whether it’s dairy or plant-based, many wouldn’t think of diving into a bowl of cereal without some milk. However, a study conducted by Kellogg’s in 2015 found that up to a fifth of Americans eat their cereal with OJ instead of milk. But breakfast cereal isn’t typically made with orange juice in mind, and some combinations would be plain weird, like Peanut Butter Crunch and OJ, for example. 

Still, they persevered. Tropicana heard of this cereal and juice phenomenon and went to work formulating a breakfast behemoth best accompanied by orange juice.

Tropicana Crunch is a breakfast cereal with honey almond clusters, and the packaging makes it abundantly clear that it's made for OJ by saying so on the front of the box. The front panel features a smiling and sunglass-wearing orange holding a spoon up in front of a large bowl of cereal. The smiling fruit has paper straws for hands, and the box comes with a paper sipping straw. A stream of juice pours from above into the awaiting cereal, and the background color is a paler shade of orange inspired by the color of juice.

Sadly, the cereal won’t be available in stores. Instead, Tropicana will give away boxes while supplies last starting on May 4th at

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