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Chico's Jewelry Packaging Is Simple Yet Effective

by Chloe Gordon on 03/22/2022 | 2 Minute Read

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When Chico's launched a new line of statement jewelry, they needed a high-end packaging solution that would grab their audience's attention, present the product in a spectacular fashion, and at the same time make the jewelry pieces easily accessible for their customers. The jewelry line consists of a wide variety of statement necklaces which come in different styles, sizes, and weights. The goal was to create a packaging design that could accommodate the different jewelry styles in one singular box to avoid the need for multiple packaging sizes or styles.

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Corporate Image developed a luxurious neck & shoulder style CI RIGIDBOX featuring its signature perfect 90-degree corners. The box combines the luxurious soft touch appeal of printed, laminated paper on the lid with the minimalistic elegance of raw rigid paperboard on the interior, including the custom insert. Chico's selected a white upper and lower box combined with the quarter reveal allowing for a secondary color to appear, which shows a striking contrast between the pristine white of the closed box and the open package that sets the stage with a deep black tray.

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Sustainability was another important feature that convinced Chico's to collaborate with Corporate Image on this project. Using their packaging know-how, the team was able to minimize the material needs without compromising the stunning appearance and functionality of the packaging. The neck of the box as well as the box insert were created from deep black raw rigid paperboard without any additional cover materials. The black board is made of 94% post-consumer waste and colored throughout with food-grade black dye.

Statement jewelry pieces deserves a packaging that makes a statement itself and the contrasting black & white design is sure to grab attention while letting the product itself shine!

  • Chico's Retail Service (Marketing Procurement Director): Ryan Gutmore
  • Corporate Image (Sr. Director, Strategy and Market Expansion): Michele Choate
  • Corporate Image (Packaging Designer): Greg Valentine
  • Corporate Image (Structural Design): Kevin Glass


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