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Jack Daniels Bottle From Paula Scher & Pentagram Celebrates 155 Years Of Whiskey and Music

by Rudy Sanchez on 04/26/2022 | 2 Minute Read

Nashville, Tennessee, is often considered the capital of country music and is nicknamed “Music City.” But located eighty miles south in the town of Lynchburg is the home of another Tennesse icon, Jack Daniels

The brand is no stranger to live music, and a recent limited edition No. 7 label marks the whiskey’s connection with live entertainment in celebration of the whiskey’s 155th anniversary.

Editorial photograph

Designed by a Pentagram team led by Paula Scher, the limited edition Jack Daniels label makes terrific use of typography to communicate Jack Daniels’ ties to enjoying music and adds excellent graphics of guitars and trumpets and other related ephemera like CDs and musical notes. Scher’s signature style shines through but doesn’t stray too far away from the iconic No.7 label black-and-white label. Signature copy such as “Every Drop Made In Lynchburg, Tennesse” and references to No. 7’s awards are retained, including the iconic bottle shape.

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Enjoying live music is a popular pastime, often paired with a nice drink. Pentagram’s type-forward label taps into that with a design that commemorates the brand’s 155th anniversary with a nod to those moments the whiskey is present when the tunes are jamming.

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