Featured image for Elysian Brewing's Dank Dust IPA Looks a Bit Like Weed (and Is 100% Not, But It Definitely Smells Like it)

Elysian Brewing's Dank Dust IPA Looks a Bit Like Weed (and Is 100% Not, But It Definitely Smells Like it)

by Bill McCool on 04/20/2022 | 2 Minute Read

I don’t know if ASMR-heavy videos of bearded beer-loving bros in button-up frat-toddler shirts inhaling buckets full of hops exist, but it definitely feels like it should be a thing. Because if there’s one sacred cow beard bois love, it’s inhaling dank hops.

This 4/20, Elysian Brewing wants to get in on the action with their latest experimental and heady brew—Dank Dust IPA. A cousin to the brewery’s beloved Space Dust IPA, the beer features “low bitterness” and a “sweet hop flavor” with the promise of an extra kick in the form of extreme dank-ness. Meaning that went you pop into a Dank Dust, it should be exactly like opening a baggie full of weed.

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Of course, there’s not an iota of THC present in this beer, making it likely the weakest of 4/20-related branded products coming down the pipeline for the unofficially-official stoner holiday. But don’t tell that to the illustrations gracing the bottles and cans. Where Space Dust features a happy hop cruising through the galaxy while inhaling (or sucking in?) literal space dust and hops, Dank Dust features a sleepier-looking nugget surrounded by space smoke and trippy visuals. Is it a little on the nose? Sure. Would it look great under a black light? You bet.

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Elysian Brewing has also tapped rapper and F*ck That’s Delicious host Action Bronson to be their official “Director of Dank.”

“You see that artwork right here?” asks Action Bronson in a series of cooking videos for the beer brand. “That dude’s been through some shit.”

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Editorial photograph

Bronson guides Dank Dust believers through two recipes created for the brand that stars outrageous flavors and plenty of dank attitude—Funkified Funnel Cake and Sticky Short Ribs—though it feels like they would pair better with a completely different substance. You can also find a collection of merch featuring the new stoney hop that features t-shirts, bucket hats, prayer candles, air fresheners, and “Dank You” stickers.

To learn more about the brew and tap into their dank beer pairings and recipes, visit the “Bodanka” at dankdust.com

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Images courtesy of Elysian Brewing.

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