Watertight Cocktails Are For Those Hot Texas Days By The Water

by Rudy Sanchez on 04/15/2022 | 2 Minute Read

It should come as little surprise that it can get hot in Texas. When the sun starts bearing down on you and the mercury approaches the triple digits, Texans flock to the water, whether it's on their 3,300 miles of coastline or one of the Lone Star State's many lakes, reservoirs, and pools.

Founded by Ryan Baird and Rhett Keisler, Watertight Cocktails Co. makes light, sparkling drinks with few ingredients, a beverage designed to be utterly crushable on those leisurely days by the water.

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Branding is fun and casual, with clear nods to the cool, refreshing bodies of water we seek when the sun comes out. Available in three flavors, Beach Margarita, Guava Paloma, and Mango Sipper, each label design expresses clear Texan influences through playful illustrations of animals headed out to the water. The green and purple Beach Margarita cans feature an iguana wearing shades lounging in a hammock on the beach, a cocktail nearby, and a beach umbrella in the background. The Guava Paloma red and yellow cans feature a hip dove (“paloma” is Spanish for dove) carrying a surfboard underwing and framed in between palm trees. Finally, the orange-dominated Mango Sipper label gives off serious UT vibes with the color palette and a longhorn meandering down a river in an inner tube. Typography is also evocative of Texas, reminiscent of hand-drawn shop signs, and the undulating forms are also a call back to water waves.

Watertight Cocktails are available in stores across several cities in Texas, including Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Houston.

Images From Watertight Cocktails.

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