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Only The Essential Ingredients With Labu

by Chloe Gordon on 04/15/2022 | 1 Minute Read

EZCO Creative Agency designed the innovative packaging for snack brand Labu. The health-conscious brand's packaging charmingly showcases the purity of the product through inventive graphics that simultaneously mimic a depiction of the snack within. Additionally, the bright pink and blue color hues produce a sense of interest through the cheerful association.

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Only the essentials matter. The graphics express that there are no unnecessary additives in this snack. By a rough stroke, we cross out additives and demonstrate the purity of the product. No encoded add-ons visible only under the asterisk. The strokes also replicate the shape of the product inside.

Colours:Bold. They respond to modern life and busy routines, inseparable from mobile phones, social networks, and the FOMO phenomenon.

Material:Recyclable plastic. Soft and pleasant to keep in hands.

Reduced Size:Convenient to use. Fits in hand or a pocket.

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph