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Roll'd Moves Into The Retail Space With Saucy Sauces

by Chloe Gordon on 04/14/2022 | 3 Minute Read

Roll'd is a Vietnamese chain that has served fast, fresh meals in Australia since 2012. Yet, as the brand has expanded, they've launched a retail range of sauces. Packaged in squeezable bottles that showcase the brand's unique flavors and Vietnamese background, consumers will be drawn to the stylized illustrations and nostalgic color palettes. Plus, there's something about the green cap that's unmistakably dapper.

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For years, Roll’d has been serving up fresh and fast Vietnamese food in over 100 restaurants across Australia. Hungry for more, they set the wheels in motion to launch a Roll’d retail range. With everything from rice paper and vermicelli noodles to rolling trays and sauces, the range had everything you’d need to get rolling at home, Roll’d style.

the thrillsTM was engaged to create the visual identity and craft the packaging. The challenge being to ensure the designs would stand out on shelf as unequivocally Roll’d and inspire a consumer appetite to recreate the famous flavours themselves.

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The conceptual idea was ‘our roots remixed’. A fusion of traditional Vietnamese culture and the modernAustralian lifestyle, where food acts as the ultimate societal unifier. So, it was crucial that our designs captured the brand’s heritage in a way that was authentically Vietnamese yet accessible enough to appeal to the contemporary Australian consumer.

We chose transparent packaging to hero the products and highlight the realness of the ingredients. And make a statement about Roll’d finally sharing its ‘special sauce’ with the public. On the label, we infused the brand’s beautiful tones and patterns in an imaginative way, proudly representing Vietnamese culture through distinctive semiotics.

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Disrupted by a colourful tape element across every product to signal varianting in a bold way. To inject more vibrancy and personality into the designs, we created distinctive characters that represented the real multi-generational Hoang family behind the brand.

At the centre of the story is one of the founders, Bao Hoang. And his insatiable appetite for sharing his family’s recipes. Tried and tasted over generations. To bring them to life, we engaged an Australian-Vietnamese illustrator whose unique insights helped us capture authentic cultural nuances, from fashion accessories to quirky personalities and product attributes.

Finally, we included pack copy in both English and Vietnamese, leveraging language as a tool to highlight the coming together of cultures and signal the authenticity of the recipes and flavours within. The identity was designed to encourage and empower Australians everywhere to bring the real flavours of Vietnam into their home. And with $1 Million retail sales value brand within first 4 months post launch, exceeding its own planned targets.

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