Skullcandy Teams Up With Doritos For Limited Edition 4/20 Drop

by Rudy Sanchez on 04/13/2022 | 1 Minute Read

There has long been a love affair between stoners and chips brands like Doritos. 

The Seattle Police Department gave out bags of the cheesy, crunchy corn chips at Hempfest in 2013 to educate the community on then-new cannabis laws. But until now, Doritos has rarely, if ever, acknowledged its munchie status among tokers. For this year’s upcoming 4/20, the unofficially official cannabis holiday, Doritos has partnered with electronics maker Skullcandy for a limited edition set of nacho-inspired earbuds.

Editorial photograph

The Dorito earbuds are like Skullcandy’s other Dime compact wireless buds in orange or red. The carrying case features a Doritos-patterned top, and the tips are also Doritos-inspired. Skullcandy will also send a Doritos dust tray to the first hundred of its limited-edition earbuds. The dust tray is triangle-shaped and meant to minimize the amount of Doritos dust that sticks to one’s fingers.

“It's no secret, and there's a more intense hunger for snacks and tracks on what has become a legitimately recognized cultural holiday. We're stoked to be feeding that,” said Jessica Klodnicki, chief marketing officer, Skullcandy, via press release. “Skullcandy and Doritos are proud to support those who are boldly themselves. We're excited for 4/20 enthusiasts to pop in their buds, sink into the couch, and get lost in the music.”

Doritos X Skullcandy Dime earbuds are available while supplies last at

Images courtesy of Skullcandy.

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