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Dippit Created a Funboxing™ Experience For Kids With Their Inflatable Ball Pit

by Dieline Author on 03/07/2022 | 3 Minute Read

The flagship brand of La Vaca Designhouse, MINNIDIP luxe inflatable pools challenged the inflatable industry by reinventing the classic blow-up pool. The first ever to wrap the inflatable rings in modern patterns with adults in mind, each MINNIDIP features handcrafted illustrations and designs by founder and creator Emily Vaca. After becoming the IT inflatable pool, Vaca invented the scallop “tufted” shape that became MINNIDIP’s most iconic and coveted silhouette. Looking to bring minnidipping fun indoors year-round, MINNIDIP introduced the DiPP!T inflatable ball pit, featuring the patented tufted shape.

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

In order to create an ultimate FunboxingTM experience that would be as exciting as the toy inside, the La Vaca Designhouse team set out to design a 2ft x 2ft x 2ft box not only big enough to hold and ship 500 ball pit balls and inflatable pit, but that was beautiful enough to serve as a storage box when not in use.

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

One side of the signature white DiPP!T box features a die-cut window with scalloped details that nods back to the iconic shape of the tufted ball pit and allows you to see the colorful balls inside—creating the visual eye-candy reminiscent of a box filled with giant gumballs. Two opposing sides feature a die-cut of the !!! icon that is part of the DiPP!T branding system that plays off of the logo itself. And the final side features circle cut-outs so the balls inside can peak through the metallic ink printed “Born To Be Wild” artwork that children are encouraged to color in to show off in their rooms and to share via #dippit.

When opening the DiPP!T box, you first see the cardboard tray holding the inflatable ball pit that is tucked inside a reusable canvas storage bag featuring MINNIDIP’S tagline Dip Dip Hooray. And tied with gold foil ribbon, a golden ball pit ball sits in a cut-out in the top frame of the tray—used for creating games with children’s imagination (such as treasure hunt where the first to find it within the 500 balls wins), the Golden DiPP!T is the authentic golden ball that comes with every official DiPP!T. Custom gift notes are contained within a metallic gold printed enclosure featuring a !!! diecut and scalloped details affixed to the bottom frame.

Because of the epic size of the DiPP!T box, most kids can’t wait for the pit to get inflated before they jump in the box itself to start having a ball!

  • Creative Directors: Emily & David Vaca
  • Design Directors: Carrie Kieffer
  • Industrial Design: Emily & David Vaca
  • Copywriting: Carrie Kieffer
  • Art Direction: Carrie Kieffer
  • Photography: Emily & David Vaca
  • In-house Team: Minnidip


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