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Method And Fifty-Nine Parks Announce New Collection Inspired By National Parks

by Rudy Sanchez on 03/04/2022 | 2 Minute Read

A big reason to ditch single-use plastic and consume more sustainability—perhaps the most important reason—is preserving our collective home. 

Earth is full of beautiful nature, and we take great efforts at conserving these impressive swaths of wilderness, turning them into protected national parks. In the US, Fifty-Nine Parks cares about nature and screen printing, combining those passions and donating 5% of proceeds to the National Park Service.

The environment is also important to home and personal care brand method, and it offers plant-based formulations, refillable bottles and dispensers, and recyclable packaging made with recycled materials. Fifty-Nine Parks and method have teamed up to create a limited-edition handsoap collection to inspire others to maintain and explore these preserved areas. They also want to increase access to national parks for communities of color through the support of Park Ventures, a National Park Foundation initiative.

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Inspired by five national parks, the new collection includes Alpine Meadow, a fragrance with notes of wildflowers and tall meadow grass representing Mount Rainer. Desert Citrus is a combination of orange and grapefruit evocative of the Grand Canyon, while Harbor Cove features a salty sea air smell like you would experience visiting Acadia National Park. The coral reefs of Dry Tortuga inspire the tropical fruit scent of Paradise Reef, and with its notes of pine and cedarwood, Woodlands represents the Sequoia National Park.

Each bottle’s label also pays beautiful homage to their respective national parks. For example, a mountain towers behind a mama bear and cub walking among wildflowers on the front of Alpine Meadow. The deep, layered crags on either side of the Colorado River, painted in beautiful reds, oranges, and browns, adorns the label for Desert Citrus. The Harbor Cove label depicts a woman on a jetty headed towards a lighthouse with a sailboat in the water. Paradise Reef also features a lighthouse, but most of the setting lives underwater and features turtles, fishes, and eels. Lastly, tall and ancient trees dominate Woodlands’ label, though if you look carefully, you’ll see a curious deer in the background looking back from afar.

“We admire the push for sustainability and conservation by method and The National Park Foundation,” says JP Boneyard, creative director of Fifty-Nine Parks, via press release. “It has been a joy to work together with method to support the National Park Foundation—and after two years in the making—we are excited to finally share this fun collection with everyone!”

Alpine Meadow and Paradise Reef are Target exclusives, Desert Citrus is a Grove Collective exclusive, with Woodlands and Harbor Cove more widely available. method will also sell all five fragrances bundled with a 9in x 12in Mount Rainier screenprint by Fifty-Nine Parks on its website.