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Absolut Gets an Absolutely Striking Update For Flavored Vodka Line

by Chloe Gordon on 03/04/2022 | 1 Minute Read

As Absolut Vodka begins its latest innovation stage, the vodka brand's new bottles match the substantial design refresh of the original bottle in late 2021

As seen on the refreshed packaging, each distinct flavor profile gets represented through an artistic representation of color palettes and an artistic brush stroke. 

By refreshing the flavored vodka in tandem with the original, the product line now has a unique and coordinated system that allows consumers to understand and recognize the brand instantly. Though we are talking about Absolut here, and when it comes to Swedish vodka, there's only one true king in the north.

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The new packaging system also features a descriptive cursive typeface on the front of the bottle describing the flavors and history of the brand. For example, the Grapefruit bottle states, "A superb vodka with a taste of pink grapefruit. This citrus twist is an Absolut classic. Crafted in the village of Ahus, Sweden. Absolut since 1879." 

The updated packaging is simple, effective, and optimistic, making for an easily digestible and highly approachable product.

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