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Optima Planta Gives The Herb Aisle Super Powers

by Chloe Gordon on 03/31/2022 | 2 Minute Read

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These aren't your grandmother's herbs. Instead, with punchy "pow" graphics splashed throughout the identity, Optima Planta's triangular packaging designed by Pond Design is explosively modern. Instead of seeing boring, cliche uses of green for herb packaging, you'll find bright pink, vivid yellow, and playful purple, all with intentional illustrations to boot. It was time the herb aisle got an upgrade.

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Optima Planta grow herbs with humidity. It’s called aeroponics and it’s NASA technique making cultivation accessible, super local and intelligent. We’re talking superpowers – magically growing herbs with more taste – ¬without soil and with 95% less water. With plans to conquer the world with locally grown fruit and vegetables, Optima Planta is starting off with herbs.

As the world’s facing a climate crise – consumer behaviours have changed and people’s sustainable awareness has increased. Many questions traditional methods and search for alternatives. There’s a huge demand for locally grown and produced products. So Optima Planta’s ambitions is spot on since it allows anyone to be a sustainable farmer. A game changer worth talking about. Unfortunately, it’s gotten hard to stand out with just being “green”, “sustainable” and “local”.

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But compared to the competition – Optima Plantas’ got their superhero features! This led us to a playful expression with hero references, a differentiating colour scheme and a distinguishing verbal tonality. With vibrant “pow” and “wow” splashes – we found a new way to stand out on the very traditional and generic herb shelves in store. And most importantly – to make aeroponic cultivation fun, appealing and understandable instead of academic and complicated.

It was important for us throughout the design process to make every decision with the simple principle of using less material to minimize waste. That means no pots, no plastic – only a minimal paper wrap making the plant show more of its greens and roots.

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  • Designed By: Pond Design
  • Senior Designer:: Gustav Dejert
  • Illustration:: Gustav Dejert
  • Senior Client Director:: Johanna Augustin
  • Production Manager:: Johanna Larsson
  • Final Art & Retouch:: Monica Holm
  • Copywriter:: Emma Hagberg / Carl-Johan Mölstad
  • Strategy:: Emilie Camén


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