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Goodfood Is On A Mission To Change How Canadians Shop For Groceries

by Chloe Gordon on 03/03/2022 | 2 Minute Read

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Goodfood was already the leading brand in the Canadian food delivery market, but they had bigger plans. They were on a mission to change how Canadians shop for groceries. Standing out wasn’t enough; they needed to stand apart.

They deliver high-quality meals that arrive quickly and are easy to prepare. Still, they go a step further by making hard to source ingredients and products easily available and reasonably priced. Quake brought this mission to life with a brand language as colourful as their food. The result is a fresh and distinctive brand that retains the existing equity and seamlessly integrates its digital and physical assets.

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The delivery vans, boxes, and bags were redesigned to be as tasty and colourful as the food inside. In addition, we created different versions to combat the bias that meal kits didn’t offer variety.

Food photography is vital to a meal delivery brand, but it does make it difficult to stand out. So Quake created an illustration system that marries the tradition of botanical woodcuts with the bold character of vector art, creating tasty illustrations that are unlike any of our meal kit and delivery competitors.

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Goodfood isn’t just a grocer; they’re a source of inspiration and knowledge. Quake created brand assets and a modular content system that allowed Goodfood to easily publish across multiple channels without having to redesign the layout, reset the type or recrop the assets.

A grid system was created with images and type retaining their relational sizes to be scaled and used in a “plug and play” manner.

The system has enough variety to keep things fresh without taxing the content teams needlessly.

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  • ECD & Strategy:: Barry Quinn
  • Design Leads:: 
Vy Vo, Kevin Umana
, Cody Sennyuen, Hailey Nguyen
  • Project Management:: Sarah Marangoni
  • Writing:: Barry Quinn
  • Illustration:
: Steven Nobel
  • Retouching:: Griff Hau
  • Photographer:: Arash Moallemi, Rob Fiocca
  • Design Agency: Quake Creative & Design


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