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Hot Take Cookies Wants To Be Your Go-To Indulgence When You Need a Break From Being Good

by Rudy Sanchez on 03/21/2022 | 2 Minute Read

Cookies, or biscuits in "non-freedum" English, are pretty awesome. And while many varieties exist, there is nothing like a giant, freshly-baked, soft, gooey cookie made from quality ingredients. Naturally, we shouldn’t dive into a cookie jar full of refined carbs and chocolate at every impulse, Sesame Street style, but if you’re going to be bad once in a while, make the experience good.

Some new brands embrace this YOLO attitude, creating indulgent ready-to-bake cookies meant as an occasional treat made of the best ingredients. Hot Take, previously Gooey, makes take-and-bake frozen cookie dough that seems to follow this ethos. Founded by sisters Elise and Gabrielle Brulotte, the new cookies reflect a balanced life, which usually means a mix of healthy habits with the occasional dalliance into indulgence. Hot Take uses natural and organic ingredients, avoids palm oil, and uses fair-trade chocolate, making naughty snacks less so.

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

The new branding and packaging by Austin neighbors and female-led Wonderkind exude fun. Gabrielle told Dieline that she and her sister Elise felt it was meaningful to work with female designers for Hot Take’s rebrand. The color palette of red, yellow, and blue gives off rad, mall food court vibes, and the logo’s use of rounded, sans typography within a broken circle with rounded edges is reminiscent of neon signs. Overall, Hot Take’s presentation is the first step towards the joy of biting into a freshly baked cookie.

Hot Take cookies are available direct and when new drops are available at HotTakeDough.com.

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