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Would You Eat an Energy Bar Packaged in a Reusable and Refillable Wrapper?

by Chloe Gordon on 03/03/2022 | 2 Minute Read

There's an energy bar on the market for every possible thing you might need. 

Want to bulk up? There's a bar for that. Want to lose weight? Find the bar in aisle two. Want a meal replacement or a plant-based snack? You can most definitely find that. What about a bar with compostable or recyclable packaging? Absolutely. 

However, never in my history of consuming or shopping for these all-in-one bars have I come across one that is refillable and made with 100% reusable packaging. Unwrapped Bars is a new energy bar based in Scotland that created its packaging inspired by the idea of refillable glass milk bottles. 

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The brand's wraps get made from organic cotton and a beeswax coating from a locally-sourced company that supplies the wax from their bees. Essentially, how it works is that consumers order their bars, gobble them up, save the wrapper to reuse as they please, and then send it back when they're ready for a refill. Unwrapped will then use the same wrapper and send the consumer back more bars, fully encapsulating what it means to be part of a circular economy. 

Obviously, a circular economy is when every aspect of a brand has inherent value, and nothing gets wasted. A common misconception is that nothing is thrown away in a circular economy, but what it means is that materials and packaging are kept and reused for as long as possible. Then, when they no longer are useable, they can be repaired, reused, or recycled to create value elsewhere.

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At first glance, you might think this is just another bar on the market, but we kindly disagree. The Unwrapped brand is intentional every step of the way, even stating on the website, "We didn't want to create another thing—the world is full of too many things!" 

We can now officially say we've seen it all in the world of bars, Unwrapped ones included. 

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