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Bottomless Brunch Just Got a Whole Lot Sloppier: Vizzy Introduces Mimosa Hard Seltzer

by Bill McCool on 03/02/2022 | 2 Minute Read

The mimosa has long been a staple of that magical combination of breakfast and lunch, aka brunch. But what if we told you that there was another vehicle to get your alcoholic orange juice bubbles for your bottomless brunch ragers?

Well, Vizzy just announced tier latest concoction, a Mimosa Hard Seltzer, and they’ve even introduced a new campaign to go along with it featuring drag queens. The 100-calorie zero sugar drink with a 5% abv comes in four flavors—Strawberry Orange Mimosa, Pineapple Orange Mimosa, Peach Orange Mimosa, and Pomegranate Orange Mimosa. Basically, all the fruity things you want when gorging yourself on 15 or 30 pancakes.

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The Mimosa Hard Seltzer “iz a vibe” according to Vizzy, and what with the preponderance of all things “vibes,” they note that the beverage is in line with the brand’s make it "extra" ethos. The new hard seltzer’s packaging doesn’t stray too far from the brand’s formula, and the colors and fruit are popping centerstage on the center band. An orange, the central ingredient to the mimosa, is firmly anchored to the center of the design, while the secondary fruits encircle the citrus giant as if they were parasites descending upon their host. It’s bright and even a teensy bit psychedelic.

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“Let’s be real—no one has ever been sad drinking a Mimosa, and Vizzy Mimosa Hard Seltzer takes the bubbles, orange juice, and real fruit flavor people love about the signature brunch cocktail and flips it on its head,” said Vizzy Director of Marketing Liz Cramton in a press release. “Not only is Vizzy Mimosa Hard Seltzer one of the best-tasting liquids we’ve tested in the past two years, it brings an entirely new vibe to the seltzer aisle and to brunch, lunch, and really, any celebration.”

Anywho, sounds mostly tasty! Check your local retailers for availability.

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