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Sustainable by Nature Redefine The Standard For Sustainability

by Chloe Gordon on 03/16/2022 | 3 Minute Read

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Sustainability is inherent to Indigenous culture. As we face an environmental crisis, integrating Indigenous knowledge into sustainable action is key at every level—even in the beauty industry.

For Indigenous-owned cosmetics brand Cheekbone Beauty, sustainability is not a trend, it’s in their nature. The company’s consideration for the environment is the driving force behind every product formula and packaging material they use.

Cheekbone’s philosophy pairs Indigenous tradition with modern technology to redefine the standard for sustainability in the beauty industry. Leading up to their launch in Sephora, Cheekbone set out to create packaging that challenges the current expectations of environmentally conscious design.

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And who better to break rules of sustainability, than the people who invented it?

The eye products celebrate viewing the world through an inclusive lens.The face products share wisdom on facing the future of the natural world. The lip products encourage listening to generations of Indigenous teachings.

The Cheekbone package design challenges every expectation people have about an Indigenous-owned and sustainable brand. We broke free from greenwashing and tokenism, and instead represented Cheekbone as they are—a bold, enlightening challenger brand in the beauty industry.

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Inspired by the tradition of storytelling in Indigenous culture, every package becomes a canvas to tell Cheekbone’s story. Using a typographic approach, we wrapped our message from end-to-end creating an interactive learning experience between the brand and the consumer. The inside of each box continues this narrative, allowing people to discover a unique perspective on Indigenous values:

Their cruelty-free products are crafted to leave almost zero impact on the environment, using refillable, recyclable, compostable and biodegradable materials across the entire product line. Cheekbone also donates a portion of every sale to Indigenous youth education, embodying their commitment to community and the future of sustainability.

The bright palette is inspired by the vibrant, energetic colours that exist within nature, deliberately contrasting the muted, earth-tone tropes we’re used to seeing from other sustainable brands in the industry. Each box uses vegetable-based inks printed on 100% recycled paper, carrying the sustainable approach down to the very last detail.

Cheekbone’s packaging is designed to captivate audiences. As the viewer rotates, unfolds, and interacts with each box, we create an intimate moment where a deeper understanding of Indigenous culture is gained. Ultimately showing how Cheekbone Beauty is the true representation of ‘Sustainable by Nature’.

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  • Executive Creative Directors:: Jeffrey Da Silva, Tom Koukodimos
  • Design Director:: Franziska Erlebach
  • Copywriter:: Leah Burnside
  • Designer:: Priya Mistry
  • Account Director: Zemina Moosa
  • Account Executives:: Jamie Flatow, Marteen Sevier
  • Strategist:: Amber Smith
  • Production Company:: M&H
  • Project Manager:: Kathleen Obtinario
  • Director:: Sue Thoms
  • Production Designer:: John Forbes


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