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Jones Soda Beats Big Soda To Cannabis, Launches 'Mary Jones' Brand

by Rudy Sanchez on 03/16/2022 | 2 Minute Read

It might seem odd, but the concept of a national, natural craft soda brand wasn’t a thing back in the late 90s, but since 1996, Jones Soda has trailed its independent way in the soda world. Now, the publicly traded Jones has announced it is venturing into the cannabis-infused space, beating the big brands like Pepsi and Coca-Cola by launching a new sub-brand called “Mary Jones.”

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Mary Jones sticks to the brand aesthetic that has served the craft soda maker well for over two decades. Similar to the sugar-only Jones Soda, customer-submitted black and white pictures dominate the infused beverage labels. A new street-art-inspired Mary Jones logo, obligatory cannabis labels, and graphics distinguish the new range from the classic, weed-free Jones Soda line. 

Flavors will also be familiar to fans of Jones Soda, which includes green apple, root beer, berry lemonade, and orange & cream. The 10mg THC sodas also get bottled in clear, 12oz long necks, just like their non-cannabis counterparts.

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Additionally, Jones announced a high-strength 16oz soda containing 100mg of THC, a 4oz tincture containing 1000mg of THC, and 5mg gummies as part of the Mother Jones range.

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“The Mary Jones brand is a game-changer because, unlike every other company in the space, we bring an iconic brand with equity that eclipses any current cannabis brand in the market, passionate fans who love our signature flavors, and a 25-year history of having fun with consumers by putting our fans’ photos on our labels, their quotes under our bottle caps and being available in record shops as often as the grocery store. This is real earned credibility you can’t fabricate,”  expressed Bob Blair, chief brand officer for Mary Jones Cannabis Inc, in a press announcement. “With all of these advantages, our irreverent personality, and putting a cannabis twist on our brand traditions, we believe we are uniquely positioned to dominate the category.”

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Mary Jones sodas and edibles will launch in California first, with plans to expand in other recreational states after that.

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