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Pearlfisher Creates Confident Future For Kitchen Icon Pyrex.

by Chloe Gordon on 03/15/2022 | 3 Minute Read

Take one look at your leftover containers, and you've most likely got a cabinet full of Pyrex. Not only has the brand been around for decades, but so had its packaging system and visual identity. Pyrex recently partnered with Pearlfisher to update their visual strategy, and thus the contemporary design was born. The hand-illustrated icons and the classic red hues work together to create a modern approach to a traditional and well-loved brand.

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In a world of Pinterest pageantry and expectations of culinary perfection, how do we rewrite the recipe book to instil the confidence to create?

As the first generation growing up with social media, young families today face a lot of pressure to make everything look perfect when it comes to cooking. This unfortunate truth keeps them out of the kitchen, making them miss out on opportunities for creative expression and ultimately the memories with loved ones that come with them.

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As a historic kitchen icon uniquely suited to tackle this issue, Pyrex teamed up with Pearlfisher to create a new brand strategy, identity and visual identity design system that inspires this generation with the confidence to create. This new system reinvigorates the brand’s iconic status and evolves Pyrex from being just a functional product people buy, to a way of life they buy into.

“Starting from our newly defined role for Pyrex in today’s contemporary family, we needed to make sure that Pyrex was at its most bold and iconic state in order to stand out,” said Hamish Campbell, VP Executive Creative Director at Pearlfisher New York. “The handcrafted icons and illustrations – showing the many different facets to cooking – are deliberately imperfect to match the ethos and value now at the heart of Pyrex.”

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The new visual identity system elevates Pyrex’s quintessential red identity and crafts new expressions and illustrations to clarify products within the brand portfolio. Making the brand easier to navigate are the sub-brands – Bake It!, Store it! – showcased in a new Sharpie-style typography, which reinforces the hand-done imperfection that is inherent to cooking.

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The redesigned packaging and lifestyle photography reflects an attitude that is boldly confident, yet refreshingly real, and captures the many different ways people prep, serve, and enjoy cooking.

"This beautiful design modernizes Pyrex for a new generation of cooks and creators," says Ben Gadbois CEO at Instant Brands. "Pyrex is integral to getting dinner on the table in so many kitchens today and with Pyrex we are innovating in ways that make it more approachable and easier to bring people together around food.”

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  • Designed By: Pearlfisher
  • Executive Creative Director:: Hamish Campbell
  • Head of Strategy: Chris Allan
  • Senior Strategist: Talia Evans
  • Senior Designer: Shruti Shyam
  • Visualization Director: Justin Goode
  • Head of Client Management: Justine Allan
  • Client Director: Sharanya Venkataraman


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