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A Functional Gift From Multivase

by Chloe Gordon on 03/11/2022 | 3 Minute Read

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BACKGROUND We are surrounded by things that just sit there cluttering the space instead of making our homes more organized. More often than not, this is the case with corporate gifts. Though resources and energy were used to make any of these items, there is every chance that they will hardly ever be used and will end up collecting dust at the back of the shelf. 

HYPOTHESIS We strongly believe that today’s people really appreciate it if they had an opportunity to offer their business partners a gift that the essence of sustainable consumption and environmental responsibility. A perfectly packaged gift that uses the mathematical beauty and precision to make our everyday life happier. 

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IDEA REinvent, not OVERproduce. Our choice was not to cut back on new things altogether. Instead, we believe we should try to avoid producing things that are useless by definition. So we reinvented our approach and came up with the idea of ... anti-things. This is a concept of functional objects and packages that can be used in multiple ways. 

SOLUTION We created a vase that is itself a manifesto against materialism and consumerism. Because this is not just another vase that sits on your shelf – this is a sophisticated versatile system that can be used for every occasion and can hold a bunch of flowers of virtually any size. It is collapsible, so you can take it apart and easily put away for storage. 

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TASK Our goal was to design a gift item that would not only be functional, but would also be many things at a time. Reinventing the usual things is our way of fighting overproduction, saving the resources and reducing our environmental footprint. It was equally important that the packaging of this new gift item also catered to the idea of functionality and beauty of what’s inside. 

The clean minimalist lines of the package follow the shape of the gift item inside. The tubular shape was a perfect choice: both of its parts can easily rotate against each other, so the package visually represents how the vase works. The image of the vase featured on the package is positioned in such a way that the division between the upper and lower parts of the tube package corresponds to the division between the upper and the lower parts of the vase. By rotating the top of the package, you can get an idea of how you can use the vase in different ways: leave the upper section of the vase on and add a single flower, or remove the upper section and make the vase work for a huge bunch of flowers. The blocks of text are arranged in pretty much the same way. You change the text in the upper section to make up different phrases, each catering to the main concept: multi vase – smart vase, multi thing – smart thing. 

  • Designed By: OTVETDESIGN
  • Creative Director: Vladimir Fedoseev
  • Art Director / Designer: Arina Yushkevich
  • Designer: Alina Chueva
  • Copywriter: Victor Smirnov
  • 3D: Daria Lubashova
  • Project Manager: Victoria Luzanova
  • Production Manager: Alina Zernova


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