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Firebelly Tea Is Pushing The Tea Market Beyond Its Stereotypes

by Chloe Gordon on 03/10/2022 | 2 Minute Read

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Firebelly Tea is a design-driven tea company on a mission to push tea beyond its antiquated stereotypes and into the 21st century, fueling a new wave of creators, innovators, movers & shakers. Launched in November 2021, Firebelly Tea is the latest endeavor from David Segal, namesake founder of DAVIDsTEA, and co-founder Harley Finkelstein, President of Shopify. Firebelly’s simplified, modern products dismantle the cliche associations with tea, offering blends that focus, relax, and rejuvenate. Firebelly Tea is for everyone: the creators and innovators, the movers and the shakers, helping you focus, relax, and realize the potential of every day.

At the heart of Firebelly Tea’s packaging design is an emphasis on sustainability. The loose leaf teas and tea blends are all packaged within a fully compostable bag that can yield from 30-45 cups (for single flavors) and 25-30 cups of tea (for samplers). A rarity in the tea world, the fully compostable packaging is made possible through Firebelly’s commitment to never using any lab flavoring, which interferes with the glue used in standard tea bags, rendering them non compostable. Furthermore, the resealable pouches used by Firebelly Tea can actually be composted at home (rather than industrial composting, which is the common packaging type available on the market), and will degrade in a garden compost area within one year.

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Loose leaf tea typically comes in industry-standard bags that pose environmental threats. Compostable bags are not the norm within the tea industry, as artificial flavoring within tea itself interferes with the glue. Firebelly Tea is able to utilize compostable bags due to their commitment using 100% real ingredients within the tea. By not using artificial ingredients within the tea, Firebelly is subsequently able to use compostable glue. Additionally, all of Firebelly’s cardboard packaging is made with FSC-certified paper for proper recycling. The brand maintains a partnership with Grounded Packaging, an eco- friendly packaging company that, for every pouch sold, has committed to remove one from the ocean.