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Life Elements Naked Zero Waste Mushroom Packaging

by Chloe Gordon on 03/01/2022 | 4 Minute Read

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With anticipation, your unboxing begins as you eye the Life Elements package before you. It’s shapely. It’s calmy energetic. And within it awaits a treasured soother, sure to bring you bliss. You carefully unwrap the outer label with its colorful, witty descriptions and quips that reference mushrooms. Strange. Mushrooms? You are expecting the most efficacious elixir that blends water and alchemy to create a bath worthy of the heavens. But what does a mushroom have to do with the finest of artisan-crafted bath bombs known for their cleanest of ingredients?

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You cradle the “box,” turning it in your hands. It’s squishy, but firm. It’s a simple vessel that opens like a Tiffany jewel box to reveal a gorgeous, perfectly round, intact, splendid bit of happiness...the award winning Life Elements CBD Bath Bomb.

As you draw your bath, you read the story of this packaging and how to dispose of the compostable container and wrapper . You sink in and soak up the joy. Now, relaxed and content, an understanding overcomes you. This mushroom packaging is as naked as you are. You feel proud to have purchased a zero-waste product, basking in the knowledge that the vessel delivering this experience is 100% bio-degradable and will go right back into the earth. You have just done something good for you without sacrificing the planet. You have just taken one of the most sustainable body baths on earth using a magic bath bomb, made with the nature-based ingredients to fizz into healing waters that melt your soul.

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That’s right! This is the Life Elements treat that keeps on giving—Good for you and kind to Mother Earth.

OUR JOURNEY Life Elements naked packaging is not your grandma’s mushroom packaging. Like many beauty and wellness brands, Life Elements has fully embraced Mushroom ® Packaging as part of the company’s mission to find the most sustainable options in sourcing clean ingredients and packaging. But Life Elements is the very first brand to completely eliminate any kind of non- compostable material in the beauty and wellness space.

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THE CRITERIA Life Elements CBD Bath Bombs are not the cheap, neon-colored, artificially scented, shrink-wrapped vanity products you see all over social media. The majority of customers are using Life Elements products to help reduce pain & anxiety. These products are expensive and range in price from $14 - $28 for a single bath. Preservation and presentation are key components of the customer experience. The guiding principles for this packaging include:

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  1. Sustainability – Can we get to zero waste? Mushroom Packaging checks the box! Bonus for us is that Paradise Packaging is located in Paradise, California and is just up the road from Life Elements production facility. 
  2. Preservation – Bath Bombs are relatively fragile and made primarily with baking soda and citric acid. They will absorb ambient moisture, can crack if dropped and turn to powder if crushed. Once the Mushroom Packaging is grown, heated then cured, the material becomes hydrophobic, thus protecting the bath bomb from moisture and eliminated the need for any kind of moisture barrier wrap (most bath bombs on the market us shrink wrap as a moisture barrier) and functioning as a fantastic vessel to protect the bath bomb during transit AND further reducing fill material when shipping. 
  3. Messaging - In line with wabi-sabi principles, the compostable wrapper surrounding the mushroom packaging was created to stand out on a retailer shelf and educate the consumer on this “funky packaging” and imbue a sense of natural beauty, quality, and purpose. 
  4. Presentation – The wrapper provides information on the particular bath bomb SKU as well as educational content on both sides, with the “back” of the wrapper providing composting ideas for proper disposal to keep it out of the landfill. As the wrapper and paper “strapping” are taken off, the beauty of the bath bomb is presented (see photos) to the customer as you would a beautiful ring (without the Tiffany blue) 

Since Life Element’s inception, it has eliminated 85% of plastic from its collections, hugely reducing its carbon footprint. Besides the most aggressive conservation commitment using mushroom packaging for our wildly heralded CBD Bath Bomb Collection, other eco-conscious efforts include the creation of Life Elements Refillable program, the use of compostable stand up bags, and the significant switch to Eco Smart® vessels.