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The Spearhead Group is Creating an Experience With Rabbit Hole’s Mizunara Founder’s Collection

by Dieline Author on 02/09/2022 | 3 Minute Read

"Luxury packaging for luxury spirits is such an amazing opportunity to wow brand followers and consumers alike. The Spearhead Group collaborated with Rabbit Hole on the design, development and then manufactured luxury boxes for Rabbit Hole’s Mizunara Founder’s Collection offering. The collective objective was to create and elevate the consumer experience with this luxury Founder’s Collection offering. The liquid is finished in Japanese Oak (Mizunara) which is a highly coveted type of oak in the industry so the luxury box needed to not only be beautiful, but strikingly detailed and able to showcase the exquisite liquid.

Design collaborations lead to the development of a wood box that has removable front and back panels to be able to “frame” the bottle and liquid for display. The front and back panels are fitted with hidden magnets that hold the pieces in position on the box. The front panel is adorned with the iconic etched rabbit jumping across from the side panel to the front panel. The front panel is printed in gold and individually numbered (Bottle: 0001/1403 etc) to cue limited availability and exclusivity. On the inside of the front panel is a message from Kaveh Zamanian (Founder of Rabbit Hole) printed in gold that details the fine art of making whiskey and that this product is meant to be a celebration of cultures. After the consumer removes the front panel, the beautiful bottle of brown liquid is revealed being elevated on a platform that is adorned with a gold ‘2021’. The top of the bottle is fitted with a unique “hidden” magnetic tongue to secure the bottle into the top of the box. The panel behind the bottle is painted gold and reflects the light through the liquid to present as a treasure.

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In order to create an elevated reveal experience for the consumer, additional layers of packaging were added. When the consumer receives their Mizunara offering, it is packaged in a glossy paperboard box with black printed that entices consumers with its contents. Within the white box is a black bag printed with a gold printed Rabbit Hole logo once more enticing and prolonging the reveal. Within the black bag is the box that speaks for itself. By creating the multi-layer packaging, the consumer has an elongated reveal experience that builds up their enthusiasm and excitement for the product.

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?The Spearhead Group is unique in the industry with their extensive global relationships that allow collaboration, innovation and streamlined production options to their clients with equal commitments to quality and sustainability. They work with each client starting in the design and development stage all the way through manufacture, delivery, and roll-out at the clients’ locations. The development and design of this box was also built with sustainability at top of mind. The primary box was produced using a sustainably sourced wood and is created to be a permanent display or reusable at the owner’s discretion. The outside black branded bag is reusable, and the white carton board box is also recyclable.