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Surface Adaptive Kit Is Designed To Be Accessible And Sustainable

by Chloe Gordon on 02/07/2022 | 2 Minute Read

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Created in partnership with people with disabilities to help support a variety of needs, the Surface Adaptive Kit is easy to unbox, customize, and apply to Surface PCs and accessories. 

The packaging of the Adaptive Kit was designed to be accessible, reusable, and sustainable. The molded fiber case features a Surface brand emboss and a re-closable hinge, making it easy to store your label for future uses. The folder that holds the cards includes an integrated loop for easy removal, as well as a Braille “QR” with an embossed QR code that guides to a screen-reader friendly product overview of common applications. 

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The Kit makes it easier to use your Surface PC by assisting navigation with tactile, contrast and mobility add-ons. 

We designed the labels with the intent to add flexibly and personalization across all devices for a more inclusive and accessible product experience. The Surface Adaptive Kit includes: 

3-dimensional bump labels Visually and tactilely distinct labels help support quickly locating keys, ports, and more. Keycap labels and keycap applicator Translucent labels with tactile indicators highlight keys for confident touch interactions. Opener support Openers provide additional leverage and flexibility to more easily open the lid or kickstand of a Surface device. Port indicators Visually distinct indicators with matching cable wrap and raised textures for confidently locating and manipulating ports. 

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