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Skittles and C4 Energy Invite You To Drink the Rainbow

by Bill McCool on 02/04/2022 | 2 Minute Read

Now, not only can you eat the rainbow, you can drink it too.

This past week, Nutrabolt’s C4 Energy introduced a new Skittles flavor to their line of “superhuman performance” drinks. Designed to taste like popping a handful of Skittles into your mouth, the CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine and BetaPower Betaine-loaded drink not only features unpronounceable ingredients but zero sugar as well. The collaboration marks the second time C4 has teamed up with Mars Wrigley as they released a Starburst variant last September.

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As for the can designs, it seems that the packaging is more of an afterthought. C4’s punch-you-in-the-mouth-until-you-taste-your-own-blood-because-that-tastes-better-than-an-energy-drink branding remains untouched, while a slim band at the top of the can sports the Skittles’ wordmark and the teensiest of rainbows. Given the aggressive bro-town nature of most energy drink packaging designs, it’s odd that the collaboration didn’t warrant them actually tasting the Mars rainbow (hello, zero-sugar) and opting for a piece of packaging that harmoniously blends both of the brands’ aesthetics.

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"We continue our highly successful collaboration with Mars Wrigley and the iconic Skittles brand to bring our joint fan base a brand-new candy-inspired flavor sure to energize their taste buds and add a whole lot of fruity flavor to their start of the year," said Rajaa Grar, chief digital and marketing officer at Nutrabolt, via press release. "With each sip designed to taste like a handful of Skittles candy, fans will be able to ignite their fire as they seek to unlock their full performance, all with zero-sugar, zero-artificial color drink for uncompromised taste."

The C4 Skittles 16 oz cans are now available at C4Energy.com and Amazon (who recently raised the price of Amazon Prime, FYI), as well as other fine retailers where one crushes energy drinks in the parking lot with gusto.

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