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Change Up Your Oatmeal Game With Asian-Inspired Yishi Foods

by Rudy Sanchez on 02/25/2022 | 2 Minute Read

Oatmeal isn’t just about brown sugar, maple syrup, or blueberries. In China, for example, oats and black sesame porridge is a commonplace dish and one that Yishi Foods founder Lin Jiang’s mother would prepare for her as a child. Tired of unhealthy snacks, Lin started making her own version, and after proving to be a hit among friends, she decided to bring to market oatmeal made with healthy and Asian-inspired ingredients called Yishi Foods.

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Yishi Foods’ oatmeals are available in five flavors, Matcha Latte, Red Bean Berry, Sweet Osmanthus, Taro Bubble Tea, and Toasted Black Sesame. All flavors come in 1.8oz cups and 3.0oz pouches.

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The branding and packaging design, developed with CA Fortune, gets presented for a broader audience looking for tasty and healthy food that's novel, intriguing, and a far cry from tired, bland oats. The primary type is reminiscent of Chinese architecture and art but doesn’t go Chop Suey. The color palette and visual system find inspiration in the ingredients and are visually delicious. Finally, each flavor gets designed around traditional functional Chinese foods, and those benefits are called out elegantly on the front of the packaging.

Jiang’s new, Asian-inspired take on oatmeal is available in 99 Ranch Market, Central Market, Meijer's, Wegman's, and direct at

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