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Full'r Celebrates A Delicious Mess

by Chloe Gordon on 02/23/2022 | 3 Minute Read

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Mechanically produced. Identical in appearance. Homogenous taste. The burger market in Sri Lanka is fatigued by the similarity of products and brands. They all look like each other and speak like each other. Giga Foods sought to introduce a new burger brand in a category occupied by local and international giants. To complicate matters further, the latest entrant was to be a cloud-kitchen offering with no retail footprint.

Our challenge was manifold – branding the product, designing a unique visual identity, and positioning the brand in a manner that it stands out in a cluttered market and is relevant to the target audience between the ages of 12 to 40.

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Key Insight

All noise. No meaning. Promotion-led. Product-focused. Ironic how the communication of traditional burger giants offers no warmth to the consumer. Here, an opportunity dawned on us - can we capture the joy of eating a burger? Against the backdrop where every brand strives hard to be a replica of each other, our solution challenged the convention by focusing on the consumer and celebrating the burger-eating experience. Emotions trump rationality. This insight not only helped us build an identity that seemed more authentic but also distinguished us as an enabler of a holistic, indulgent experience than an everyday meal provider.

The Big Idea – A Delicious Mess

Eating a burger is a messy affair, best enjoyed without inhibitions, putting on your bibs and embracing the oozing, dripping, and spilling. It is not just a meal. It is an experience. So, take a pause, and sink your teeth in the goodness of deliciously messy burgers.

We noticed that nobody was talking about the joy of eating a burger. Building on this insight, the idea of ‘A Delicious Mess’ encompasses two parts - the generosity of the burger and the celebration of imperfections. Our creative expression brings both aspects to life in a seamless, yet vibrant manner. The brand was named ‘Full’r' – symbolic of the generosity of the burger. The logo complemented the brand name, with two hands holding the burger as the goodness spills out. The Sri Lankan affinity towards bright colours was incorporated into the design language along with warm typography, an oozing illustration style, and photography seasoned to perfection. It not only makes you salivate, but is also designed to feel rooted to the community, lending it a distinct character, and yet, a familiar flavour.

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Commercial Impact

A challenger cloud-kitchen brand with no retail footprint, launching amidst a raging global pandemic. While it sounds like the perfect recipe for disaster, Full’r within the initial launch period has performed outstandingly – exceeding sales by 200% on opening night! The distinct ‘Sri Lankan goodness’ of the burgers was also applauded from all corners. It’s why the second week registered twice the number of repeat orders for ‘the perfectly cooked patties’. Slowly but surely, Full’r is becoming synonymous with the complete burger-eating experience.

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Social Impact

Right from the launch of the brand on digital platforms, consumers took to the brand positively. The engagement rate on social media platforms was at an average of 60% in the first 3 weeks. The brand has received 100+ shares and 14000+ impressions, a metric that is fast rising. The creative expression of Full'r was embraced and appreciated across multiple social media platforms, with comments from the community praising the brand. All this only goes to show that a delicious mess with Full'r is only getting started and is here

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  • Managing Director: Lulu Raghavan
  • Creative Director: Arnab Ray
  • Executive Client: Ronita Mukerjee
  • Design Director
: Director Pavithra Dikshit
  • Client Manager: Yashika Sheth
  • Designer
: Dhruvil Shah
  • Designer: Akanksha Bhasme
  • Production Manager: Sachin Darge
  • Production Designer: Ramesh Kabdugale
  • Design Agency: Landor & Fitch


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