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Coca-Cola Launches Starlight, a New-to-Earth 'Space-Flavored' Beverage

by Rudy Sanchez on 02/17/2022 | 2 Minute Read

Since December, a mysterious soda from Coca-Cola called Starlight appeared, spurring speculation about what it tastes like and why it exists. For its part, the Atlanta-based company has been quiet until today, unveiling the concept behind Starlight.

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The packaging for Coca-Cola Starlight follows the recently implemented design system. Starlight will be available in regular and zero, so the logos change color accordingly. The signature red background gets replaced with a starry and colorful environment inspired by space, a sure stunner and an attention-getter. Since Starlight is part of Coca-Cola’s “Creations” platform, Coke’s newest designation for limited-edition flavors and collaborations, a small Creations logo gets placed in the middle of the label.

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The Creations graphic is simple, a red square with a Coca-Cola ribbon. On bottles, the Creations logo goes slightly behind Coca-Cola wordmark, while on the can labels, you'll find it under all the empty space.

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While the soda brand has finally acknowledged Starlight, Coca-Cola keeps the messaging and branding for Starlight heady and high-concept, calling it “space flavored.” A description on the Starlight page says the beverage comes from “furthest reaches of the galaxy,” adding that “the flavors of unknown stars twirl together with the great taste of Coca?Cola for an experience unlike any other.”

Whatever "space" mixed Coca-Cola tastes like, at least it comes in some stellar packaging.