Featured image for LaCroix's Newest Flavor Inspired By Cherry Blossoms

LaCroix's Newest Flavor Inspired By Cherry Blossoms

by Rudy Sanchez on 02/16/2022 | 2 Minute Read

Every spring, with the exact time depending on latitude and weather, cherry trees bloom into impressive canopies of light pink flowers. In Japan, the cherry blossoms, or sakura, are celebrated for their transient beauty and considered a metaphor for the fleeting nature of life.

Besides providing fantastic—albeit temporary—canopies for walks and picnics, cherry blossoms are also the inspiration behind LaCroix's latest flavor of sparkling water. In a press release, a spokesperson for the fizzy water brand describes it as “a botanical twist of sweet and just a ‘kiss’ of tart.” Like other LaCroix flavors, cherry blossom has no calories, sodium, or artificial ingredients.

Editorial photograph

The packaging for cherry blossom follows LaCroix’s signature ugly-chic design with a pink-dominated palette. A bright green is the secondary color, and anything in that hue is hard to discern against the light-pink background. A few cherry blossoms are thrown into the mix visually. Finally, standard elements such as the wordmark and “0 Calories, 0 Sweeteners, 0 Sodium = Innocent” scrolls along the bottom of the can. Case packaging blooms with the background nearly full of blossoms and petals, and the copy in green is made more intelligible by setting it an oval in a different, paler pink.

“For centuries, the cherry blossom has represented freshness, splendor, and delicate beauty. The flavor of LaCroix Cherry Blossom uniquely ‘blooms’ with the bliss, fragrance, and calming essence of this brilliant flower. We developed the distinctive taste and stunning packaging of Cherry Blossom to convey the Dazzling Taste of Spring!” the LaCroix spokesperson said in the same press release.

Cherry blossom is available now, where LaCroix is sold.