Featured image for Dove's New Body Wash Reusable Bottle & Concentrate Refills by JDO Are Too Beautiful To Go Anywhere Near The Landfill

Dove's New Body Wash Reusable Bottle & Concentrate Refills by JDO Are Too Beautiful To Go Anywhere Near The Landfill

by Chloe Gordon on 02/15/2022 | 2 Minute Read

Take a minute and think about your shower. While it might be a meditative space for relaxation and suds, it's also a place that facilitates large quantities of excess waste. Simply think about your shampoo bottles, conditioner bottles, face wash bottles, and, of course, body wash bottles. 

Dove, however, is a brand that's committed to creating positive change and has recently worked with JDO, the independent global brand design and innovation agency, to launch the new Body Wash Reusable Bottle & Concentrate Refills.

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JDO worked with Dove to develop a pair of reusable bottles that are too stunning to toss in the trash, as well as a few concentrate refills and starter kits. The design features modern botanical illustrations with green fronds on a silver aluminum bottle. Contrasting the silver bottle is the gold dove logo, a nice illuminated yet sophisticated touch to the design. 

Each reusable bottle holds 16 ounces of body wash, and a clear vertical strip on the reusable container reveals how much of the mixture is in the bottle. Unilever believes that after consumers use up two refills in the aluminum bottle, they've used 50% less plastic than if they had used the same volume of Dove body wash in the previously classic single-use packaging. Furthermore, the individual concentrate refill bottles are made from 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic and are recyclable. 

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"Many people have the desire to do their part in protecting the planet, but they're not exactly sure on how to go about it. Dove's latest innovation provides them with an opportunity that is easy and effective," comments Fiona Florence, managing director at JDO. "The creative challenge here is about changing consumer behavior by showing them that they can reduce plastic while still enjoying the Dove products they love. Our design creates belief that change is not only possible but simple and beautiful."

Additionally, the secondary packaging for the brick-and-mortar retail starter kit is a corrugated display pack with die cuts, flaps, and a grooved insert meant to hold the products securely. 

And while sometimes sustainability can seem so out of reach for big box brands, Dove and JDO have flawlessly showcased how it can be simplistic when packaging gets designed with an innovative and fresh approach.