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New Alt-Milk 'Dug' Is the Latest Potato Beverage That Isn't Vodka

by Rudy Sanchez on 02/10/2022 | 2 Minute Read

One of the advantages plant-based milk has over traditional dairy is that it requires fewer natural resources and is less of a burden on the environment. That is not to say that alt-milks are all equal when it comes to sustainability; nuts like pistachios and almonds require considerable water to grow, something especially concerning when these crops come from drought-stricken California.

However, scientists in Sweden have found a way to make plant-based milk from a humble yet hardy crop—potatoes. Thanks to research led by Professor Eva Thornberg of Lund University, spuds can now be a part of breakfast without being fried into hash browns. Thornberg’s patented research is behind Dug, potato-based milk now available in Sweden and the UK.

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According to Dug, potato milk is particularly sustainable thanks to the fewer resources required to grow. According to an analysis of water usage in California, pistachios and almonds required 4.49 acre-feet of water per acre, while potatoes only required 2.9 acre-feet per acre. An acre-foot of water is enough to fill an eight-lane swimming pool.

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The new milk's brand and packaging design are by creative agency Family and Friends, which gives the potato an indulgent, sumptuous presentation. The color palette is deep and luscious, and colors get swirled in liquid flows balanced by sturdy typography. Dug is also a clever homophone that refers to potatoes growing underground and sounds like the name Doug, lending the brand personality and approachability.

We already knew we could boil, mash, and put potatoes in a stew, but even Samwise Gamgee didn’t see potato milk coming.