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PAX Announces Live Rosin Pods For Era Vaporizers

by Rudy Sanchez on 02/01/2022 | 2 Minute Read

Vaporizing is a convenient way to consume cannabis. You get all the effects right away, and the devices are small and discreet. 

Unfortunately, cannabis oil extracts often get made with solvents and other chemicals. Moreover, not all cartridges are made the same, with some leaching carcinogenic heavy metals into the product when activated.

PAX Labs, a long-time innovator in the vape space, has announced fresh press live rosin pods for its Era devices. PAX Era Live Rosin gets made from fresh frozen Californian cannabis harvested and processed at its peak. The result is pure THCA from natural diamond crystals, with nothing added for an experience PAX says “allows for enhanced potency and a perfectly balanced, full flower experience.”

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In a published study funded and performed by PAX Labs, researchers found that Era pods were more consistent and operated at lower temperatures than typical 510 cartridges. Though the study did not compare the contents of the output between PAX’s pods and other cartridges, some believe that the high temperatures cause the degradation of the cartridge components, resulting in harmful substances leaching into the vape output.

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Editorial photograph

The packaging features raw cardboard, reminiscent of the purity of the live rosin concentrate. Most of the elements on the box are silver-embossed, including the logo, while a lush cannabis bud features on the front of the packaging. Labels on the bottom quarter of the front identifying the strain and net weight add a splash of color to the packaging.

“Our products continue to set the highest standard in creating exceptionally pure cannabis experiences. Launching our own line of premium PAX Era pods was the right next step in answering consumer needs,” said Steven Jung, COO of PAX. “We’ve spent a lot of time innovating on this product and developing unique solventless processes to deliver a clean, full flower experience—one we know both our customers and value-driven consumers will love.”

PAX Era Live Rosin pods will be available in California, with plans to roll out in other states.

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