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Jones Releases Special Holiday Sodas

by Rudy Sanchez on 12/02/2022 | 2 Minute Read

Jones Soda’s most notorious drink is perhaps the Turkey and Gravy flavor, usually released for Thanksgiving. However, the soda maker is sticking to more palatable flavors for this year's Christmas offerings, focusing the creativity on the labels.

This year’s sodas include classic flavors like cola, cream, and strawberry lime, with seasonal photos and clever names based on holiday movie classics like Yippe-Ki-Yay ColaNightmare Before Cream Soda, and Filthy Animal Sour Mango Melon.

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

Also new this holiday is the Jones on a Shelf trio of sodas, including Jones the Elf strawberry lime, Narwhal the Croc green apple, and Frosty AF cream soda. Instead of photographs, the Jones on the Shelf labels feature illustrations of each character. Jones is described as an “asshole” and sports a big mustache and standoffish scowl. Narwhal is Jones’ pet crocodile that wears a unicorn-like horn to channel his inner narwhal. Finally, Frosty is Jones’ sassy, gender-neutral best friend. The logo’s typography is festive and old-school, and every Jones the Elf soda order includes a mini elf hat that fits on top of Jones Soda bottles.

Finally, Jones is also offering “Reindeer Poop” root beer. The soda has no poop or poop flavor, and, thankfully, it tastes like regular root beer. The “O” in the Jones logo gets turned into Rudolph’s red nose topped with antlers, and the photo on the front is of a cute dog wearing the same fun reindeer accouterment.

The new Christmas-themed Jones Sodas follow on the heels of the return of the Turkey and Gravy and new for this year, Sugar Cookie Soda.