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Honeybee Collective's Cannabis Packaging Takes A Refillable Route

by Chloe Gordon on 12/19/2022 | 2 Minute Read

Changemaker Creative designed the packaging for the cannabis brand Honeybee Creative. Because the brand values eco-friendly cannabis, it makes sense that these values are reflected through sustainable packaging. The flower and preroll packaging are reusable, refillable, and recyclable, and while the packaging is sustainable, it has a fun personality and playful use of color. Plus, who doesn't love 70s-inspired typography on cannabis packaging?

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Honeybee Collective curates high-quality, eco-friendly cannabis for impact-minded consumers. Employee-owned, crowdfunded, and sustainably-minded, The Honeybee Collective helps build community wealth and a more sustainable future. 10% of profits go to The Honeybee Fund, a community-advised charitable fund.

The task was to design a brand for the Colorado adult-use cannabis market, with an expandable system for different moodstates curated under three vibes: Party, Peace, and Pause. Testimonial from the client: "the feedback we’re getting from budtenders and customers is that they’re really loving the packaging – they love the sustainability story and the recyclability, and they’re not always recycling it, they’re upcycling it, using it to store their lighter, their own joints they’re rolling up, they’re reusing the tin and tossing it into their purse or pocket – that’s been really exciting to hear.

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We have a lot of people tell us “I just picked it up because I loved how it looked, it was really intriguing, I saw it on the counter or on the shelf, and just had to know what it was”. The prerolls are flying off the shelves, can’t roll them fast enough! " Needing to balance packaging function, form, and sustainability, all the while creating a cohesive line, we opted for two packaging vendors. The multipack of prerolls and the cannabis flower were packaged in air-tight, and crush-proof aluminum tin containers. The inserts are recycled paper (instead of the more common foam or plastic), and we opted to not add plastic peel-away freshness seal layers, trusting the product would sell quickly. The flower and preroll packaging is also reuseable, refillable, and recyclable.

The packaging manufacturing partner was Stephen Gould's SafelyLock child-resistant cannabis packaging. The single tubes packaging housing two small joints made with a home compostable bioplastic, with compostable labels, sourced from Dama Distributing, from Colorado. After this initial project, we've also created a cannabis consumption lounge package, and have expanded to states and countries outside of Colorado.

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