Featured image for Warheads and Four Loko Unveil Collab Flavor 'Sour Cosmic Punch'

Warheads and Four Loko Unveil Collab Flavor 'Sour Cosmic Punch'

by Rudy Sanchez on 12/16/2022 | 1 Minute Read

Four Loko is a brand of flavored malt beverages that pack a punch with higher Alcohol by Volume (ABV) and a variety of flavors. The latest taste sensation from Four Loko is the culmination of a partnership with candy brand Warheads called “Sour Cosmic Punch.”

Sour Cosmic Punch is 13.9% ABV, and there are scant details about the taste, though it’s probably safe to assume it will be sour as it’s in the name, and Warhead candies are known for their super cheek-sucking potency. Since it’s Four Loko collaborating with a candy brand, it’s also not a stretch to imagine Sour Cosmic Punch tasting like candy-coated regret and shame.

The packaging is unapologetically Four Loko with Warheads cobranding. Warhead’s fun logo featuring an exploding head features prominently on the label among shining stars against a black backdrop. You'll also find splashes of bright pink, yellow, and orange. The “Loko” in the logo is usually a solid color, typically black, but on the Sour Cosmic Punch, it's painted in a gradient that goes from yellow to pink.

The new candy collab is the latest in partnerships between Four Loko's parent company Phusion. Sour Cosmic Punch follows Mamitas, an RTD tequila seltzer in collaboration with Brody Jenner and Barstool Sports, and Pirate Water, also a partnership with Barstool Sports.

Warheads Sour Cosmic Punch from Four Loko is available now.