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Serena Williams Announces Modern Take On Recovery, Will Perform

by Rudy Sanchez on 12/13/2022 | 2 Minute Read

Tennis legend Serena Williams may have recently retired from the sport, but she’s hardly stopped working. 

On the heels of her US Open farewell, Williams has teamed up with Hank Mercier, an executive with experience in CPG brands such as method, and serial entrepreneur Eric Ryan, also from method, as well as Olly and Welly, to launch Will Perform. The line of topical recovery products offers pain relief and soothes and recovers muscles.

Serena’s new recovery brand, Will Perform, features industrial design by Prime and branding by Mythology. Will Perform’s wordmark is reminiscent of NASA’s worm logo and gives the brand a scientific, high-tech feel. The packaging is similar for all four; using white, cylindrical tubes with caps color-coded by product type; Relieve, Cool, Rest, and Soothe. The caps continue the techy theme with a multi-piece design with a clear outer piece housing an inner color-coded cap. The tops of Will Perform’s caps have a convenient loop for easier use and look somewhat like the loops on the back of athletic shoes.

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

“Recovery has played an integral role in my performance and professional success. It's a practice that can benefit anyone with an active lifestyle,” Williams said in a press release. “That belief inspired us to develop a line of products that targets your muscles and can be incorporated into your daily self-care routine.”

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

Available now at and coming to Target on December 18th.

Images courtesy of Will Perform.