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It's A Frat House Christmas; Miller Lite Selling Christmas Tree Keg Stands

by Rudy Sanchez on 11/03/2022 | 2 Minute Read

Mariah’s on full blast, the Starbucks holiday cups are out, and Oprah is back telling us about her favorite things. Which only means one thing.

It’s time for Christmas merch, baby.

Beer brand Miller Light is kicking off the holiday swag season in style with the return of festive knitwear, “Beernaments,” and, new for this year, the Christmas Tree Keg Stand.

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Miller Lite’s Christmas Tree Keg Stand isn’t some new way for college kids to get drunk in December. Instead, it's a fully-functional tree stand that snugly houses a quarter barrel keg, otherwise known as a pony keg, underneath. The box-shaped stand looks like a giant wrapped gift with a bright red bow, and the sides feature the Miller Light logo in a pattern reminiscent of gift wrapping. The keg and tap fit under the tree, and the spigot comes through the top of the stand, making dispensing easy.

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The Beernaments are Christmas tree ornaments that fit around an 8oz can of beer. Once you finish the beer, you can place the beernament on the Christmas tree. Beernaments sports the classic Miller Lite logo against an off-white similar to conventional Miller Lite cans.

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“This season, there's truly no better gift to leave under a beer lover's tree than the tree stand itself,” said Sofia Colucci, global VP of the Miller family of brands, in a press release. “Last year, we decorated the tree with Beernaments, and this year, we’re literally putting the gift of Miller Time right under the tree with the Christmas Tree Keg Stand.”

Christmas Tree Keg Stands will be available starting November 10th at TreeKegStand.com for $49.99 while supplies last. Beernaments and this year’s collection of knitwear will be available at Shop.MillerLite.com.

Images courtesy of Molson Coors.

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