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Old Pal And TILT Announce Baked At Home, a Cannabis-Infused Brownie Mix

by Rudy Sanchez on 11/17/2022 | 2 Minute Read

Brownies are perhaps the quintessential cannabis-infused edible. They're easy to make, especially when using a boxed mix, and you can share a pan of brownies with friends. Plus, it's more discreet than smoking, the effects are longer lasting, and brownies are freaking delicious.

Making special brownies can be intimidating, however. You can't just toss raw cannabis into the brownie bake mix. Cannabis used in edibles has to be decarboxylated (decarbing) to release the active ingredients in the buds and then mixed into a fat like oil or butter. Some ways of making cannaoil or cannabutter are easier than others—like using a slow cooker—but it’s daunting nonetheless.

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In partnership with TILT holdings, Old Pal has removed the decarbing process with the debut of their “Baked at Home” brownie baking mix. Unlike traditional infused brownies, Baked at Home uses a powdered, water-soluble cannabis extraction that is released faster than other types of edible cannabis. Each box contains 100mg of THC, which Old Pal says makes twenty 5mg treats per box. The mix is also pretty straightforward, consisting of sugar, salt, baking powder, and real cocoa. Bakers looking to get baked need only add eggs and butter, mix, and place in the oven.

The box keeps with Old Pal’s vintage-inspired branding. The yellow and red palette resembles classic cake mix boxes from brands like Duncan Hines and Betty Crocker. The Old Pal logo and wordmark occupy the top front of the container, while underneath, “Baked at Home” in the same font is set against a red bar.

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“Most cannabis consumers remember their first infused brownies as being a formative experience. However, they were probably messy, uncertain, and impossible to dose correctly. That’s why we collaborated with the team at TILT to develop ‘Baked at Home’ as a convenient box mix,” said Old Pal co-founder and chief executive officer Rusty Wilenkin in a press release. “We wanted to create a mixture as easy to make as any other non-infused version, with the added benefit of cannabis for unwinding during the Holiday period. We’re pleased to have TILT as a brand partner to help us bring this nostalgic brownie mix to life.”

Baked at Home will be available for $25 in Massachusetts and California, just in time for “Green Wednesday,” the day before Thanksgiving.

Images courtesy of Old Pal.

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