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You Either Love Green Bean Casserole Or You Hate It, But Would You Drink It?

by Chloe Gordon on 11/14/2022 | 2 Minute Read

When you have a significant gathering of family members in any room, opinions start pouring from the rafters. On the fourth Thursday of every November, families see an influx of these heated debates with the spiciest of takes. From political views to which side dish is superior, every topic and category comes with a list of why it's the best or the worst. 

Inspired by the controversial side dish that is green bean casserole, sparkling water brand Aura Bora is serving up the most contentious Thanksgiving beverage, just in time for the Turkey-themed holiday. 

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"We were inspired to put a twist on traditional Thanksgiving flavors, and Turkey felt like a step too far (yes, even we have limits)," states Aura Bora co-founder and creative director Maddie Voge. "So instead, Green Bean Casserole sparkling water was born. We turned the worst Thanksgiving side dish (in our humble opinion) into a bright, sweet, succulent, and buttery flavor. We like to say it's better than your grandma's."

Aura Bora isn't new to quirky flavors, but a green bean casserole-flavored sparkling water is quite the exploration. The sweet, earthy flavors get imagined through a packaging system that's just as bright and bold. Voge designed the can to make a peculiar flavor feel more approachable. "The packaging transports you to a faraway land, where sweet green beans rain from the sky, sage leaves peek over the horizon, and the hills are alive with the flavors of Thanksgiving," said Voge. "Don't you want to play in those beany meadows?" 

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The packaging, designed by the brand's in-house graphic designer Jesse Howell, is just as quirky as the flavor within. Green beans unmistakably take over the design, and the green hue gets splashed across the can. Yet, while the release aligns perfectly with the Thanksgiving season, the can is relatable to any season, making this secret release ideal for any holiday. 

Aura Bora's flavors range from Lemongrass Coconut and Peppermint Watermelon to Cactus Rose and Lime Cardamom, but this one might be their most inventive release yet. And while I don't want to personally be in charge of starting any debates around my family's Thanksgiving table of over twenty people, I am intrigued by what each would think of sparkling green bean-flavored water. 

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