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Attitude Announces Latest Plastic-Free Personal Care Line, Oceanly

by Rudy Sanchez on 10/05/2022 | 1 Minute Read

Canadian personal care and household brand Attitude has announced its newest sustainably-minded product line, Oceanly. Oceanly’s 19 products are not only vegan and plant-derived, but Environment Working Group (EWG) verified.

What's more, the brand is plastic-free, and the cardboard packaging comes from FSC- certified cardboard.

TDesigned by Attitude's in-house studio, the entire Oceanly line features durable, square-shaped, push-up cardboard tubes. The brand uses a marine-inspired color palette of blue, purple, coral, green, yellow, and grey, and the Oceanly logo has a playful wave shape. Sans typography balances the logo’s serifs, and the parent brand Attitude gets represented along the top of the cap.

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“For ten years, Attitude has been tirelessly focused on developing clean and performance-driven beauty product lines in innovative, low-waste packaging," said JF Bernier, Attitude CEO, in a press release. “Oceanly is the latest evolution of this founding mission and arguably our most game-changing advancement to date. Clean, vegan & plastic-free, the line is helping to create positive change on a global level and provide the best products for people and the environment.”

Attitude’s Oceanly follows the brand’s EWG-verified Leaves personal care line of solid bars in plastic-free packaging.