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Bakes Mooncake's Evolved Packaging System

by Chloe Gordon on 10/26/2022 | 2 Minute Read

Designed by Eve Tran, Ven Bui, Nghi Tran, Tuan Ha, and Trang Dinh, Bakes Moocake 2022 packaging is elegant and refined. This year's packaging design is an extension of last year's decadent design. The refreshed packaging continues the romantic typefaces, sleek color palettes, and charming tins.

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Bakes Mooncake 2022 is an evolution of our packaging work from 2021We solved functional issues with the old collection, and introduced new packaging that don’t look like packaging at all (for example this interlocking, reusable decorative plates that suspend the product in mid air).

Titled “Tr?ng Tung T?ng”, or “Moon on the Move”, the work is playful and dynamic, purposefully created for a post-pandemic world.We evolved elements from last year’s packaging to create the affordable Box of 2 and 4 options. 

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The illustrations on the tin cans are reinterpreted in UV coating.The Moon Cake typography is highlighted in silver foil and positioned on both sides of the box so the boxes scream MOON CAKE when displayed on shelves One of the biggest challenges we tried to solve this year was shipping damages to the Box of 2 and 4 (as majority of these sales are online). To prevent the Mooncakes from shifting during delivery, our design and fabrication team created a paper locking mechanism that fits snugly into the base of tin cans.

Mooncake visual strategy this year is clean, contemporary, with a touch of cultural cues. Our studio decided on this visual strategy to differentiate from competing campaigns that feature intricate traditional sets.

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Editorial photograph
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  • Graphic Designers:: Eve Tran, Ven Bui, Nghi Tran, Tuan Ha, Trang Dinh (og)
  • Spatial Designers:: Tess Ngo, Trang Do, Hung Le, Tuan Tran
  • Procurement, Production & Fabrication:: Kai Le, Hanh Le, Tin Do, Chau Thanh Tam
  • Photographer:: Kai Nguyen, Loc Huynh, Chuong Pham

  • Photography Producer:: Thuy Truc
  • Copywriters:: Huynh Vinh Son, Nguyen Phan Thanh Thao, Tra Huong
  • Accounts:: Trang Nguyen, Anh Nguyen, Duy Lam, Gia Minh
  • Creative Directors:: Tuan Le, Quang Vinh (guest)

  • Documentation:: Khổ qua studio


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