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Square Roots Reveals Brand Refresh By Collins

by Rudy Sanchez on 01/07/2022 | 2 Minute Read

 Most of the produce we eat is grown somewhere else, and getting from the field to the fridge requires the burning of fuel and the creation of greenhouse gases. These plants are also grown in massive areas that consume a large amount of water, pesticides, and fertilizers, often resulting in runoff pollution. 

Square Roots is a company that aims to provide fresh greens grown hydroponically and inside repurposed, climate-controlled shipping boxes, setting up shop in parking centers and other empty spaces in urban areas. Square Roots aims to use less water, less land and deliver fresher produce that lasts longer in the fridge, reducing waste.

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Square Roots recently enlisted the talents of Collins to develop a new brand identity. The branding aims to communicate both the high-tech and disruptive nature of Square Roots’ operations with the organic qualities of produce. A palette dominated by green is a nod to lettuce but also has that cool in-the-Matrix-vibe. 

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The typography is also a hybrid of technology and nature. Round shapes are mixed with squared-off corners and tall edges, resembling the doors to the urban container farms. The packaging is recyclable, as expected, and features a unique, vertically-oriented label, which the container farms inspire. What's more, the band has built transparency into the packaging. Consumers can scan the QR code on the back of the container (or type in a digit lot number), so they can find out not only who grew their food but how.

“When you have a remarkable and beyond delicious product from such a pioneering company, building an inspiring brand comes pretty easily," said Brian Collins, co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Collins, via press release. "Our goals in this new brand voice, design, and expression are to help Square Roots become an even stronger leader in food, wellness, and technology — and accelerate all the meaningful things they are doing for their customers and the communities they serve.”