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Freezing Time With Carslan Lipstick

by Dieline Author on 01/25/2022 | 2 Minute Read

"Founded in 2001, the fashion makeup brand Carslan has always maintained a keen sense of the international young trend culture. It has become a technologically leading makeup specialist thanks to its outstanding quality and global production and R&D. But consumers' memories of Carslan lipsticks are almost blurry. How to help the product stand out in the makeup industry with serious homogenization competition has become the challenge of this research of product packaging upgrade."

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"The design inspiration comes from the "sand of time" - the hourglass. It freezes time (the concept of frozen age), and when applying lipstick, it freezes the most beautiful and confident moments of contemporary women. It uses deconstructive time art to show the rich and multifaceted changes of products, with a casual shape, but condensed meanings, contradicting yet regular. It is a minimalist and smooth acrylic on the outside, with sharp and complex blocks hidden inside. 

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

This breaks through the single molding structure of existing lipstick products. It thus creates three-dimensional shapes of light and shadow through geometric deconstruction and streamlined process cutting. It transmits light to form face-to-face refraction. From any angle, the users can see their own highlight moment. It solidifies into beautiful fragments in the memory of time, blooming with their classic temperament."

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  • Creative Director: Tiger Pan
  • Graphic Design: Yancheng Tang, Yahui Wang
  • Image Editing: Juanjuan Wu
  • Technical Direction: Zhangkun Xie, Jinyan Zhou
  • Project Management: Hua You
  • Manufacturer: Guangzhou Kadilian Cosmetic Co., Ltd


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