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A Dedication To Detail With Tesco Finest Crisps

by Chloe Gordon on 01/19/2022 | 2 Minute Read

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The world of savoury snacks in the UK is noisy and crowded, with a lot of churn, innovation and discounting. Branded players tend to go for a colourful and irreverent identity in order to stand out. Big on attitude, with bold palettes and graphics. 

It’s tough for own label to carve out a distinct and ownable space. 

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So when Tesco came to us, asking us to redesign their premium Finest Crisps range, we knew we had to tell a different story, forge a new path. 

We purposely moved away from the louder look and tone of the competition, creating a unique identity that challenges the dominant codes of competitors, while conveying all the joy of the category. 

In a nutshell, (or a crisp packet) our aim was to celebrate all that is loveable about crisps, in a way that allowed the quality and care of the Finest range to come through with affection, charm and taste appeal. 

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The design we developed quietly, joyfully celebrates the character and flavour of each variant in the range. 

The illustration style is very different from the bright and noisy shelf. The dedication to detail celebrates the care and craft that go into every bag. 

There are witty details to discover across each pack, front and back, and each design highlights the particular joy of the flavour’s heritage and the experience it evokes. 

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Editorial photograph