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No Cap, This Natty Vodka Trapper Hat Is Legit

by Rudy Sanchez on 01/14/2022 | 1 Minute Read

January brings cold weather to the US, with many parts of the country seeing freezing temperatures and wind chill, perfect weather for a warm, furry trapper hat. Comfortable and cozy, it’s no wonder that many folks sport trapper hats in the winter.

But Natural Light saw room for improvement.

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The new Natty Vodka trapper hat comes with special pockets along the sides, designed to carry nip-sized (50ml) bottles of Natural Light vodka. Animal-lovers need not fret, as the hat gets made with polyester-based faux-fur. The non-furred parts of the cap are pink, reminiscent of Natty’s black cherry lemonade vodka. Each side carries the brand’s wordmark and has room for three mini-bottles, enough to share or keep your own party going for a while.

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“Natty Light embodies the most electric time in your life, so we created this special edition hat for 21+ college students and recent grads to help them live it up this winter,” said Ben Martinez, Anheuser-Busch and Natural Light head of marketing, via press release. “The trapper hat is the perfect cold-weather gear for enjoying and sharing Natty Vodka—I know I’ll be wearing mine all winter long!”

Natty’s vodka trapper hat is available for pre-order now and in true Natty fashion, a wallet-friendly $10.