OG Lifestyle Magnate Martha Stewart Gets Her Own 19 Crimes Wine

by Rudy Sanchez on 01/13/2022 | 2 Minute Read

Years before Instagram and social media influencers, there was Martha Stewart. Starting professionally as a part-time model for Chanel in college, Stewart would later become a stockbroker. Eventually, she spun up a new career, catering, which would ultimately lead to the lifestyle empire she still reigns over to this day.

Despite being a domestic dynamo when it comes to cooking, crafting, gardening, and entertaining, as a maverick, Martha Stewart has a bit of an edge as well. Besides being a shrewd businesswoman, she also has a prison nickname—“M. Diddy”—obtained during her short stint in Club Fed for her role in the ImClone trading case. She also has an unlikely friendship with west coast hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg.

The lifestyle OG is now joining her bestie Snoop with her own 19 Crimes wine. 

Editorial photograph

Martha’s Chard is a California Chardonnay, and the bottle follows a similar style to 19 Crimes’ other bottles, with Stewart’s visage in black and white prominently featured on the label. While Snoop opted for a heavy hooded jacket for his label, Stewart keeps it real, wearing pearls instead. A splash of turquoise gets added for color, and “Martha’s Chard” is rendered in typography reminiscent of old-school label makers, perhaps inspired by Stewart’s domestic prowess.

“Just like her creative collaborator and friend Snoop, Martha Stewart also embodies the spirit of 19 Crimes—disruption and culture creation. We couldn’t be more excited to welcome another absolute icon of modern American culture to the 19 Crimes family,” said John Wardley, Treasury Wine Estates (parent company of 19 Crimes) vice president of brand marketing, via press release.

Martha’s Chard will be available in California later this month, followed by a national rollout.

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