Eddi Soap Dispensers Blend Style, Sustainablilty, and Ease

by Rudy Sanchez on 09/08/2021 | 2 Minute Read

Sarah Pura and Jamison Pereira founded Eddi in 2020 when they were unable to find stylish refillable hand soap dispensers that used as little plastic as possible. They also needed to be incredibly simple to refill.

Eddi’s ingenious system, designed with studio Box Clever, uses aluminum bottles that screw into the interior of the chic dispensers. The silicone bottom of the dispensers has some grip for stability and holds the refill caps, allowing the user to save them for recycling with the bottle. You can also seal that bottle up if you decide to swap out soaps.

Editorial photograph

The dispensers come in four matte colors: white, two blues, and terracotta. The standard base can also get upgraded to polished nickel or brushed brass. The 9.5oz bottles are made out of infinitely recyclable, commonly accepted aluminum, as are the caps. Consumers can reattach the saved caps and recycle them together, negating the need for heavy refill bottles and spouts.

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

The designs on the refill bottles feature a white matte label with pleasant illustrations and sparse labeling. For a DTC brand, adding some forethought to the bottles-which get hidden when put to use-is a pretty swell detail for the unboxing experience and at least gives you some idea of the variety you're using. Eddi is also committed to 1% for the Planet, setting aside one percent of its annual sales to support environmental causes, and is working towards becoming a certified B corporation in 2022.

Eddi soap dispensers and refills are available directly from the firm at MeetEddi.com.

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