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Enter the Metaverse...With Dunkaroos Streetwear

by Rudy Sanchez on 09/30/2021 | 1 Minute Read

Fans of the cookie and sugar frosting snack Dunkaroos have always bemoaned the discontinuation of their favorite sweet treat. It wasn’t until last February that, after a six-year hiatus, General Mills chose to revive the beloved 90s snack.

The timing couldn’t have been better for both parent company General Mills and consumers with fond childhood memories of Dunkaroos. Nineties nostalgia is in full swing, and as the pandemic ravaged through most of 2020, snacks were a small and comforting respite of temporary joy followed by a sugar rush straight to the dome.

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Dunkaroos is dropping new merch for those with the 90s nostalgia bug with the release of real and virtual streetwear inspired by the fashions of a decade that launched a thousand questionably talented boybands. As reported by Nerdbot, fans will have another opportunity to purchase NFTs featuring the brand, as well as a line of clothing and accessories designed by H+ Creative and Skeeva. According to Nerdbot, the purchasers of the digital outfit will have the opportunity to pose and have the fashionable threads digitally rendered onto them.

So far, Dunkaroos has only teased that something is dropping this September 30th on its social media accounts. The point-blank shots posted do bear a resemblance to the images shared by Nerdbot. In any case, the new Dunkaroos merch will launch on a special website, Shop.Dunkaroos.com, at noon EST.