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Run the Jewels Collaborate With Black-Owned Breweries On a New Line of Craft Beers

by Rudy Sanchez on 09/03/2021 | 2 Minute Read

Hip hop super-duo Run the Jewels has seen immense commercial and critical acclaim in the music world, and in 2017 members Killer Mike and El-P collaborated with Brooklyn brewery Interboro for the Stay Gold IPA. 

Finding kindred spirits devoted to their craft and driven by passion and community, Run the Jewels turned the Stay Gold IPA passion project into a full-blown enterprise, working with craft brewers from around the world that share a similar ethos and set of values. The latest announced batch of brews focuses on Black businesses and the celebration of Black arts and culture.

The latest collaborations come from Petersburg’s Green Bench Brewing with Never Look Back and Blockbuster Night Pt. 1 with Brew Gentlemen out of Braddock, PA. All Due Respect, an ale made with grits and molasses, will debut at Blacktoberfest and is brewed by Proximity Brewing and Spaceway Brewing, both Black-owned breweries from North Carolina. A portion of the proceeds from the rice lager Never Look Back will support the non-profit Beer Kulture, an organization fostering inclusion and diversity within the craft beer space. 

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As the organizer of the Barrel and Flow festival, Brew Gentleman reached out to Run the Jewels on a possible collab for the event, and RTJ was game to partner with America’s first Black beer and arts festival. Other community organizations supported by the latest batch of RTJ beer collaborations also include the Steel City Arts Initiative, which provides culture and arts programs for children in the Pittsburg area.

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The labels also rise to the artistic level of the craft brews and the RTJ team. The finger gun and fist logo of the musical duo gets presented in different ways. All Due Respect features two skeletons facing off, each mimicking one of the motions, while Blockbuster Night Pt. 1 is flatter and more abstract. “Never Look Back” seems to buck the trend but is colorful and bold nonetheless.

You can find all of Run the Jewels’ current and previous beer collaborations on the group’s website.

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