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Break Out the Glow Sticks: Goldfish Is Bringing JNCO Jeans Back

by Rudy Sanchez on 09/03/2021 | 2 Minute Read

Clearly, there's an insatiable appetite for all things 90s. Popular shows of that era like Friends and Seinfeld have seen renewed interest and new viewers too young to see their original runs. Companies are cashing in on the nostalgia with reissues of products iconic to the era and designs inspired by 90s trends. Some things are certainly worth a revisit, like Dunkaroos and Memphis-inspired design, neither of which is the latest inspiration for cheesy cracker Goldfish’s latest trip down memory lane.

Goldfish is tapping into 90s rave and club culture, partnering with clothing brand JNCO to promote a new limited flavor, Jalapeño Popper, which they claim is 90s-inspired. Goldfish didn’t bring any receipts that prove Jalapeño Popper is a particularly 90s flavor—but there’s no question that JNCO’s ultra-wide-legged jeans with deep pockets and street art embroidery were 90s fashion staples. JNCO is offering specially-themed wide-legged jeans featuring Goldfish graphics, and every pair includes a bag of spicey snacks.

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Packaging for the limited edition Goldfish is a little more 90s-ish than the jalapeño popper flavor, with bright neon graphics that stand out against a black brick background. It certainly has some of that unce-unce-unce underground rave aesthetic that, of course, included people wearing some pretty big jeans.

“JNCO is about celebrating individuality and embracing art, culture, and creativity. When our friends at Goldfish presented an idea to celebrate the 90s together, we were thrilled to combine JNCO's iconic wide-leg style and this nostalgic Goldfish flavor in such an exciting way," Camilla Revah, vice president of JNCO Los Angeles, said in an announcement.

Jalapeño Popper Goldfish and themed JNCO jeans are only available while supplies last, but PLUR? That is forever.

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